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December 20, 2009

What i’d like this site to look like and be.

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Let’s see. I want this to be a place where fellow brewers gather and can quickly check the status of all the microbrews in Boulder and or Colorado. I want to also do updates on brewery gatherings, new beers coming out, tastings, what I’m brewing, have a decent photo gallery. I would like to get connected with brewers around the country.


December 14, 2009

Stout Comp brew bottled

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We shall see how this beer turns out. Put 3 gallons into bottles last night. I am looking forwards to seeing what it ends up tasting like. I drank a little bit of it, definitely has the chocolate I was looking for and there is a bit of the Spearmint Altoid flavor. I will enter this brew into the Southern Sun’s Comp at the end of this month. If I win this comp, I am going to get more serious about brewing. How to bring great beer to other countries I wonder? Business opportunity there?

December 8, 2009

December Stout

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Brewed a Chocolate Mint Stout last night.  What a douzy.  It was an all=grain recipe from ‘Radical Brewing’, but I added a few things.  Like actual raw cacoa, spearmint altoids and fiddled with the malt extracts instead of using a masher to do the grains.  So, we will see?  I used 6.6 lbs of Amber Malt Extract as a replacement for the 8lbs of Pale Ale malt that was requested for the recipe.  There was another 3 lbs of grain that I steeped for an hour prior to added the extract.  I talked to the guys at Hop-To=It, and they recommended my strategy, but still.  I was looking at my Imperial Pale which had 6.6 lbs of Malt extract and only .5 lb of grain.  So I am curious if my beer will be a BIG beer, i.e. 9% or more ABV like  the IMPA.  We’ll see I guess?  The whole thing was a whacky process as I only had the ingredients and no real recipe, so I improvised basically the whole thing besides the preliminary steps.  I am exciting however.  If it turns out good at all, I may enter it into the Southern Sun Stout contest at the end of the month.


Hooray for Winter!

December 3, 2009

This should be our forum to communicate, share, and expose our brewing skills and desires to the world

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Onebeeraday?  Wonbeeraday?  1-beeraday.com?  Any suggestions on the best name for a personal brewery that would like to condone drinking one single high quality/high gravity beer each day as both a health message (don’t get drunk often, beer is no longer something we should abuse, and the pursuit of the ever perfecting art of brewing hand-craft beer).

This is what I believe in.  Drinking one good beer a day.  It should increase everyone’s overall enjoyment of life.

I am seeking to found a recycled beer-bottle/proactive/non-profit/world-benefiting brewery, with the message of one beer a day.

December 2, 2009

What I have brewed so far and the status of each

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1st:  Scotch Ale  —- so so

2nd:  Dunkelweisen —- better, still flat, got a week till it is drinkable

3rd:  Hazelnut Brown Nectar  — decent, definitely not up to Rogue Brewery standards but absolutely drinkable

4th:  Imperial Pale Ale  — Added ground dried ginger and fresh ginger in the 2nd fermenation, bottling tonight, stoked

I want to start a brewery

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Seeking a way to create beer at a non-profit status and bring beer to places that are greatly in need of good homebrew

Hello world!

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