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January 5, 2010

Boulder Premier Microbrew critic

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I have tasted every beer produced in Boulder Colorado for sale at liquor stores. I have also visited every microbrewery and done a tour and a tasting. There are a few beer styles I love, but I appreciate good beer in any form.
As a homebrewer, I understand the different ingredients and steps to producing a particular flavor sought after in a beer.
My current recommendations for great beer in Boulder Colorado are:
1. Upslope’s Dunkelweisen (perfect)
2. Avery’s Salvation Ale (strong but oh so tasty)
3. Mountain Sun Swan Song on Nitro (incredible!)

These are my 3 favorite for the Boulder area right now. I have a Beligum Tripel of my own in the fermenter so we will see how that turns out. I hopped it up a bit so I am excited for a hop-variety of the Tripel style.


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